The Pop-Up Relationship: The Temporary Romance That Expires & Never Develops

Have you ever spent time with somebody who gives amazing date and yet, afterwards it’s crickets? I did that on and off for four years. Honestly, if you’d met us on dates, wearing the face off each other and barely able to keep our hands to ourselves, laughing and putting the world to rights, you’d be forgiven for thinking that we were madly in love. Sadly, as I mentioned in Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl, we’d have The Best Date Ever TM™ and then he’d go dark until next time.

Podcast Ep. 78: Emotional Travels With Books, Maxed Out With Stress?, Should I End No Contact?

Welcome to another episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.In episode 78, I cover:The book listLeave a comment or post on Facebook, and please, if you enjoy it, subscribe and/or leave a review on iTunes (how-to guide here)–it really helps in growing the show. If you know someone who would enjoy it, please help spread the word. It all helps. Listener questions can be emailed to podcast AT baggagereclaim DOT com. Got a topic you’d love me to cover? Let me know!

Whose Moral Compass Are You?: The Conscience Wingman

I was recently asked if I recognised that I had adopted a role as a child, of being the conscience of my parents, which quickly made sense to me because I had the people pleasing habit, which is about showing other people how to behave. It’s like, ‘I did this so you should do that’ (the inferred reciprocal behaviour) or ‘I did this despite the fact that you did/do [some form of unwanted behaviour] so you should reward what I did with the [reciprocal behaviour] and correct things’.

If Only They Were Gay… Australian Male Celebrities as Fantasy Boyfriends

By: Oliver Johnston | Last updated: July 8, 2014
Film and television is the stuff of fantasy and while we all know this, there have no doubt been moments when you’ve been watching something such as Mad Men and thought, “Damn – I wish my coworkers were this interesting.” Of course, there were probably moments when you were watching Sex and the City and thought, “Wow… I’m really glad my friends aren’t shrill, superficial, self-obsessed bores.” Film and TV also contributes to the idea of fantasy dates, and all gay men have an actor or celebrity that they’ve developed a little crush on, usually as a result of the roles they’ve played or the personality that comes across in interviews… leading us to think of how awesome it would be to have them on our arms, if only they were gay.

3 Date Night Ideas for Staying In

You are so right! Date night can be murder on the budget and besides, it gets old fast. You eventually run out of ideas on where to go and what to do that you wind up doing the same thing over and over. These ideas are great. They are a good starting point for coming up with a few more ideas for staying in on date night. This makes it easier to have more than one date night a week/month. Thanks.

The Five Kinds of Gay Guys You Meet in Melbourne

By: Oliver Johnston | Last updated: June 9, 2014
While we don’t want to reinforce any negative stereotypes, we can all sometimes put someone in a box when we meet them. Maybe not literally, because otherwise this article would be on a totally different kind of dating website, but we can often assign a stereotype to a person, particularly if you’ve only spoken to them for a couple of minutes at a party or bar. There are a few distinctive personality types that you might encounter on the gay dating scene in Melbourne, and you might even recognize yourself amongst their ranks…